American Volleyball Club

Pre-Tryout Tune Up with Rise Sports Performance


Welcome to Rise Sports Performance Pre-Tryout Tune-Up!

  Get ready for some intense volleyball training! This two day clinic is designed to get athletes "tuned up" and ready for try club tryouts.

 Join Coach Vince from Rise Sports Performance at American on October 28th and 29th. The clinics cover jump/agility training, attacking and passing work.  On the 29th there is a stay and play option at 1-2 pm.   The weekend is $75. Days are not sold separately.


Age Group Training


Middle School (10 athletes maximum)

Session 1 8-9:15

Session 2 9:15-10:30

High School (15 athletes maximum)

Session 3 10:30-11:45

Session 4 11:45-1pm

Sunday, all are welcome to attend the Stay to Play at 1-2 pm

American is holding a drop-in club try out  registration 2-5 pm on Sunday the 29th, this is a good time to get it all in!



Please direct questions to:

Sandra Gibbs

AVC Director


Vince Gilreath

Rise Sports Performance Director


Dejan Pejcic

AVC Assistant Director/Facilities Manager


Sandra Gibbs


Phone: 7578483709